Our Buffy passed away last year. She was a special girl who lived to be a little over 14 years old.

Unfortunately, she had a rather large tumor located in her abdomen and at her age, we didn't want to put her through the miserable surgery of removing it (as it was likely malignant). We adopted Buffy when she was 4 years old, her previous parent was just about ready to try to get a rescue to take her as she was getting a divorce and couldn't see her way clear to keeping this girl. Buffy was our girl for about 10 years.

She was a total beagle and that meant she was food focused, so the night before she went to Dr. Z's for the last time, we fed her her favorite... cat food and vanilla ice cream (French Vanilla). Same for that morning. And we remembered there was a Dunkin' Donuts right next to Dr. Z's office, so we stopped there and got our Buffy two chocolate donuts We know ice cream and even worse, chocolate is really bad for dogs, but this was Buffy's last go round and we wanted to make it special for her. She wolfed down the first chocolate donut in the car and we saved the second for the vet's office. When Dr. Z. gave Buffy the tranqulizer she was right in the middle of eating her second chocolate donut... our little girl actually passed away with the chocolate donut sticking out of her mouth.

I really do hope when it's my time, I get to go with a chocolate donut sticking out of my mouth too... Buffy sure did deserve to go out that way, HAPPY!

Our dear friend Bonnie Hurwitz took this photograph of our girl, not long before she left us.

We would like to thank our dear friends Bonnie Hurwitz, John DeSantis and Russell Ashton
from Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue
for their donations to Im-Paws-Able Rescue in honor of our girl Buffy.

Thank both of your for helping us save more lives in Buffy's honor!

Love to you all!

Helene & Becky Scharf

Anyone who wants to donate and have a memorial dedicated to honor a loved one
please email [email protected]

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