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chinpa Chinpa chinpa

Chinpa Puntsok has had a long journey to get to Im-Paws-Able! Chinpa is a happy-go-lucky pup who isn't a big fan of toys, but just wants to be with his people. Chinpa is good on a lead and ready to learn! He picks up new concepts quickly and his attention is spot-on when he knows he is 'working' with his handler. He is very expressive and animated. Chinpa is quickly learning some obedience basics and enjoys working. He is bait-motivated, so it's a snap! Chinpa has an old injury to his left back leg. It seems stiff sometimes and has a more limited range of motion, but that doesn't hold him back at all.

If you would like to make Chinpa a member of your family, please go to, please go to HERE and complete an online application .

Home visit, references will be required for all Im-Paws-Able Rescue dogs.

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